I’m blogging to document my journey from 286 lbs to 130ish lbs. I’m on a weight loss, fitness, and overall health journey. I realized I’m not healthy, and I need to be. I need to teach my son how to be healthy, I am an example to him. I also want to run, jump and play with him and right now- it’s hard for me to do that. I’m starting a 90 day Body by Vi Challenge because I’ve seen the results. I’ve tried fad diets, starvation, and pills. I thought about going on the Biggest Loser or getting gastric bypass. But I need to set a goal and accomplish it. There really is no quick fix. Losing 150 lbs is a big commitment to myself. Also, I set an overall goal of 150 lbs, because I want to be at a healthy BMI for my height (5’5″). I know that everyone is different, and that this won’t happen overnight or in 90 days.


Here is a link to my Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge website.



4 responses to “About”

  1. Ashley @ OurPersonalRecords says :

    This is awesome! Good luck!!!

  2. myjourneythrume says :

    Good luck! Hope you achieve your aims.

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