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“fat people are lazy”

So I want to talk about something that I think happens to fat people that doesn’t get talked about very often.

The assumption that “fat people are lazy”

Just because someone is overweight, obese, or fat whatever you want to call it – doesn’t mean they are lazy! Unless you are with someone 24/7 and know what they do all the time you don’t know if they are lazy. You don’t know what that person did to become overweight.

For example I am overweight not because I am lazy – but because I overeat. I’ve been through a lot of trauma in my life and eating has been my way to deal with it. Not the best thing to do – but hey most people become addicted to drugs or alcohol when you’ve been through the shit I’ve been though.

I’ve always been a hard worker – but I noticed having been up and down with my weight that being overweight in a corporate world – fucking sucks. People assume that you are lazy. You are too lazy to lose weight so you must be too lazy to do your job or hire you for a new one.

I’ve been passed up for a job I was more than qualified for and I feel slightly like it was because of how I look. I’m a designer – so I guess how I look is weighed more heavily than how my designs are. Which is so shitty and backwards – but when you are essentially “the face” for a company and deal with branding – you have to “fit” the brand.

I’ve felt this way more than once in my career. And let me be the first one to say – it feels so shitty. And I will also say, I have a list of people that aren’t the nicest people to me now – and I know of at least two people that will probably be nicer to me when I lose more weight. I could put money on it. There are truly so many superficial people in the world. And maybe I don’t dress as nice as I should – but I’m a contractor and I don’t get paid enough to have a budget for clothes. Not to mention the bigger you are – the more expensive your clothes – which is pretty shitty too.

This is something that I constantly go back and forth with in my head. And this isn’t motivation for me to lose weight but a deterrent. I don’t want to be friends with or want someone to be nice to me because I’m pretty and small. Be nice to me because I’m a good person, because I’ve lived through shit, because I’m nice, because I’m a great designer, because I’m a good mom, because I’m a hard-worker.

But I have my list, and I know who the fake people are – they say “elephants never forget” which is a shitty way to say that fat people don’t forget.

You know why people don’t forget that you mistreated them? BECAUSE YOU MISTREATED THEM – IT HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH WEIGHT!!!!